What To Look For When Viewing Business Meeting Venues


Choosing a venue for business meetings certainly shouldn’t be rushed into. Whether it is a periodical meeting with a business partner, the delivery of a pitch, an informal get together designed to build a business relationship, or an opportunity to discuss a supplier arrangement, here at Absolute Venues, we know there can be a lot riding on these occasions, and so it makes sense to select the right setting with care.

As 2021 comes onto the horizon, we expect the diary to start filling up. So, in this post, for the benefit of meeting organisers, events professionals and business owners, we’re going to talk about some of the things you should consider when looking for a venue.

Location, Location, Location

It really can’t be overstated just how important the location of the venue is. Convenience is a huge factor – if attendees find it difficult to reach the venue, the meeting can get off on the wrong foot. Transport links, from underground and overground services to a taxi rank, can be essential considerations. Free parking can also be a ‘must-have’ for some meetings. Think about exactly who your attendees are, where they are travelling from, and which transport needs they have. In some cases, a compromise on a town or city which gives attendees roughly the same distance to travel can work. On other occasions, it can be strategically beneficial to make the meeting most convenient for a particular attendee.

The Numbers Game

How many people will be attending your meeting? An intimate venue is fine, but if their meeting rooms are not large enough to comfortably accommodate your attendees, then you will be in trouble. By the same token, booking a large space when there are only a few attendees can make the setting seem odd and out of place. Some business meeting venues will offer a variety of different spaces, just ensure that the meeting room you choose is as close to your expected attendance as possible, with maybe a little room for manoeuvre.

Ticking All Your Boxes

Does a venue offer all the facilities, amenities and services you need? That goes for everything from food, refreshments, meeting technology such as overhead projectors and other audiovisual equipment as well as on-site accommodation, technological support from trained professionals and breakout rooms for larger meetings which may also split up into smaller groups. Whichever of these requirements you have, it is essential that you ensure a business meeting venue can provide them.

Achieving The Right Ambience

Will the venue fit the occasion, and produce the right mood? If you are aiming for an informal meeting which will allow you to get to know a client or supplier on a personal level away from the confines of everyday work settings, a trendy bar, cafe or even members club may work a treat. If the meeting is being held to deliver a pitch, hammer out a contract, or resolve an issue, a more formal location might be more suitable. But that doesn’t mean that the meeting venue needs to be any less inspiring – from sports stadia to heritage sites; there are so many business meeting locations that can lend weight to the occasion and set the tone – the best venue finders, such as the team here at Absolute Venues, can help to identify these options.

Best For Your Budget?

It’s a fact of life, and business – you must work within your means, and so by looking at venues within your budget range, you avoid wasting time. Draw a line through the venues which are way outside your budgetary constraints, but also be careful with cut-price rates, and ensure that a venue is offering everything you need in terms of facilities and amenities.

If you need help looking at venues within your budget range, contact Absolute Venues today.

We Can Help You Find The Ideal Business Meeting Venue

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