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Work dos are an incredibly important asset to any company. They can help to increase morale, show the team that they are valued, and are a great way for colleagues to bond and let off steam. Allowing your team to enjoy themselves outside of the office will give everyone the opportunity to relax away from the pressure and deadlines of work. This encourages a healthy working environment, which can lead to better employee retention and higher productivity levels.

With so many companies looking to hold quarterly parties or away days, it is incredibly important to plan them early and secure your venue beforehand in order to avoid disappointment. In fact, to ensure that your team is celebrating their hard work at the kind of venue that they deserve, you should look to book up to a year in advance, if not more!

Here at Absolute Venues, we’re industry experts, and have quite the experience in corporate party planning and securing venues for companies looking to host events, including overnight accommodation and business travel if needed. Having been operating since 2002, we have developed a wealth of experience and a vast array of connections in the industry, building up a directory of over 160,000 UK and European venues. This means that we are able to offer you preferential discounted rates for various locations.

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    Our venue finding service is completely free of charge. Starting with an initial enquiry form or call, our experienced team of agents will work with you to identify top rates at the most suitable venues. Once we have gained an understanding of your exact venue and event requirements, we’ll scour our directory of 160,000 venues worldwide to help you book a venue that matches your taste and budget. Ultimately, we’re event planners and venue finders trusted throughout the UK, and we guarantee you the best rates around. Find out more about our free venue finding service here. 

    Looking to plan your party independently but could do with some professional advice? We’ve gathered some useful tips and tricks on how to find the perfect venue for your work do below…


    How To Find The Right Venue For Your Summer Party

    So you know that you want to host the perfect summer party, but when it comes to choosing the perfect venue, it’s easy for party planning beginners to get lost in the maze of endless venues. It can be a really daunting task to try and filter through the potential party locations. But just remember, there are 3 key things to keep in mind when you’re checking out potential spots.

    • Capacity 

    How many members of staff will be in attendance? It’s essential to make sure that each and every venue you’re considering can comfortably hold the number of people that you’re looking to host. Whilst it’s always a good idea to account for a few extra people, opting for a venue that is far too large for your team will have an impact on the atmosphere, making the space feel empty, so keep this in mind. On the flip side, a venue that is too small to host your team will result in the space feeling cramped; attendees will not enjoy an event that is overcrowded and difficult to navigate. Six square feet per person is a good rule of thumb for a standing crowd, and for reception-style seating with a dance floor, estimate nine square feet per person. Make sure that any summer party venues you consider are the optimum size for the number of people in attendance.

    • Atmosphere 

    Your venue provides the first impression. This is the case even before your guests have arrived, and they are looking your chosen venue up in advance for directions on how to get there. It’s important to consider what atmosphere you would like your party to have, and does the venue that you’re looking at reflect this? For example, if you’re looking to keep it casual, then a Victorian ballroom is unlikely the best choice for you. Always keep how you want your guests to feel in mind, and make sure that the space mirrors this. Whether you’re after a stunning hotel with panoramic views of London or a more quaint setting to enjoy your cocktails, we can help you find the perfect spot with the best atmosphere possible for your work celebration. You can learn more about all of the locations that we cover here. 

    • Accessibility 

    You should always think about accessibility when choosing a party venue for your work event. Remember, your work event needs to be inclusive, and something that everyone can enjoy. How close is the venue to where the majority of your staff live? Are there good transport links? You should also consider accessibility in terms of the building itself. Are there wheelchair ramps/easily accessible disabled toilets if needed for any of your staff members?

    Remember, we have expertise in finding the best venues that tick all the boxes. If you’ve had a look around and are still stuck on how to find the right one, get in touch!


    The Difficulties Of Party Planning

    From budgeting to  finding the time to plan your event in your daily schedule, corporate party planning can be difficult. But, if you keep the following potential obstacles in mind, you may be able to tackle them before they arise…


    Party planning is time-consuming and can add stress to your day-to-day life. Rather than having what you need to do to plan your corporate event at the back of your mind 24/7, try to allocate 2 hours out of each day to get things sorted. This can be your ‘party planning time’. Make sure to book it into your calendar, turn off your notifications, and get stuck in. This should help you to be more productive and get everything sorted for the party well in advance.

    Effectively spending money

    Budgets can be difficult to adhere to, especially when you want your party to impress! Make sure to keep track of all of your spending and allocate strict budgets to each aspect of the party. Polling your team beforehand is a great way to find out what they love the most. This will help you to prioritise your spending and make sure you put your money where it matters. Are you worried that your venue may take up too much of your budget? We guarantee getting you the best deals on venues and can offer discounted rates for a variety of locations. Get in touch for more information.

    Not enjoying the party as much!

    The stress of planning the party can often mean that you don’t enjoy the end result yourself. After months of organising everything, you may be too busy worrying if others are having a good time, rather than having a good time yourself. Try to relax and benefit from the fruits of your labor as much as possible. It is your party too after all!

    Do you think you might need some more advice on how to plan the perfect corporate event? Check out the blogs section of our website for even more tips, tricks, and insights.


    Why Choose Absolute Venues To Assist With Your Summer Party Plans?

    Since launching in 2002, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading agencies for finding venues in the UK, Europe and beyond.. Procuring the top venues for a wide variety of clients has meant that the team here at Absolute Venues has been able to cultivate a great deal of knowledge and a vast array of connections. 

    Whatever your requirements, our service is completely free of charge, and our quick-and-easy process means that we take all of the stress away from finding the perfect venue.

    We understand just how time-consuming and stressful it can be to find your dream venue and call around different venues for availability and costs. 

    Let us take this pressure away.

    Once we clearly understand the requirements for your event’s venue, we will send across a minimum of 3-4 shortlisted venue options that meet your brief and budget. There is no obligation whatsoever to use any of the shortlisted venues, but once you find that perfect one, we can guarantee you the best rate available!

    If you’re still not convinced, check out the testimonials of all of our happy customers.

    Here at Absolute Venues, we can help alleviate all of the stresses associated with planning a party for your business. We aim to respond to all inquiries within one day so you won’t be waiting long for that perfect venue to come through. Interested? Get in touch today!


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