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Finding the right venue for a team building day can help to make sure events run smoothly and can even make the difference between whether or not your group feel engaged and involved in proceedings. There’s nothing worse than a poorly organised team building day, which can end up feeling awkward at best, while at worst can represent a loss of earnings and productivity for your employees when you have taken them away from their day to day jobs.

With Absolute Venues’ free venue finding service, you can make sure you take the first step towards a well organised day, with a venue that offers all of the facilities you need for the activities you have planned. That can range from basic accommodation or meeting room facilities to a spa hotel with a swimming pool or a country house with a lake if you have planned any ambitious raft-building challenges. Even if your team building day doesn’t include anything as adventurous as setting sail, a well-appointed meeting room with good acoustics – or potentially an amplified microphone and speaker system – gives you somewhere for your team to come together at the start of the day, so you can let everyone know the itinerary.

Our free venue finding service covers locations throughout the UK, Europe and elsewhere around the world, potentially allowing your team building day or weekend to double as a paid holiday for your employees, not to mention a change of scenery from training based in the office.

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    An interesting backdrop can spark innovation and collaboration in ways that the familiar surroundings of the workplace will not and we are more than happy to help if you are looking for a slightly more unusual venue, such as a privately-owned leisure centre or film studio.

    When making your enquiry, just let us know of any specific type of venue you would like us to prioritise – our contact form provides a list of common types to choose from, but do let us know if you are hoping to hold your team building day in the surroundings of some especially spectacular scenery and we will do our best to find the most suitable venues available for the dates and location you specify.


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