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Finding a venue for your event can be a long, confusing and frustrating process. Absolute Venues are here so that you can spend more time organising your event and less time worrying about the venue – because we’ll find that for you.

We offer a unique and free venue finder service. We’ll search throughout Newcastle and surrounding areas of the North West and build a shortlist of venues that we think are perfect for your event.

We’re able to offer this service because of our many years in the industry – we’ve built up a reputation for ourselves and have strong relationships with venues throughout the UK. We only work with venues that we trust and, as such, the venue pays our referral fee. Which means that we don’t need to charge you a single penny for the service! TEST

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    Newcastle has a large number of great venues, catering for events and conferences of all kinds. We’ve got a lot of experience finding venues in Newcastle for corporate events, such as: