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If your own business premises lack the space for the kind of seminars you would like to host, or you simply want a change of scenery or more inspiring surroundings, Absolute Venues can help. Our free seminar venue finding service can recommend suitable locations close to you – or further away if you prefer – based on criteria like the number of people you expect to attend and your preferred date for the event.

We appreciate that the final decision is likely to be based on less objective criteria too, which is why we will typically shortlist a number of potential corporate venues, which you can then decide to visit in person or choose the one that appeals to you most.

Absolute Venues offer all of this free to the user, with our costs covered by the venues we recommend – these referral fees will not be added to the amount you are asked to pay to the venue for their services, either. Instead, by booking through Absolute Venues, you can often gain a discount on the venue’s normal rate, in recognition of the repeat referrals we send their way, making it possible to host your seminars in more luxurious surroundings than your budget might otherwise allow.

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