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We source every type of overnight accommodation to suit every budget.

A totally free Hotel and Conference booking service, offering discounted rates for individual travellers or group accommodation throughout the UK, Europe & Worldwide, whether you are booking a one off ad hoc bedroom, or a large amount of rooms for a Conference, we can help take away the stress and source you cost effective, quality solutions for your business.

Maybe you are looking for a Country house hotel, a large hotel chain, or a chic boutique hotel we will ensure that we offer you a comprehensive selection of Hotels to match your requirements, tastes and budget.

This essential formula is part of our FREE service, allowing us to take out the hassle of securing the required rooms and rates for you. We build strong relationships with hotels and our buying power enables us to negotiate with the hotels the lowest rates possible for you.

From London to Luxemburg, Dublin to Denmark, New York to Norway, our wealth of experience is on hand to help our client’s source venues for their International events and accommodation.

Our dedicated Reservation team will identify your exact needs and requirements, we will then secure the hotel and forward a detailed confirmation to you, together with location maps and any other special request you have and negotiate the very best possible rates for you.

As part of our service we individually profile guest’s requirements with their personal preferences.

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    Business Travel

    Absolute Venues offers a FREE UK and worldwide hotel reservation service whether you are looking to book one individual bedroom or co-ordinate accommodation for your large event or conference.

    Our team provide hotel booking solutions for all your accommodation requirements whatever the size of your business, we take all the stress away from you, and find you cost effective quality options for all your requirements.

    We have a highly skilled reservations team accessing over 100,000 properties both in the UK and Worldwide. We work to find you the hotel that best suits your required location and budget. We help companies reduce their hotel costs, ensure traveller security and satisfaction and make it easier for their travellers to find a suitable hotel.

    Whether you need to book just a one off room, or perhaps you may need a large amount of rooms for a meeting we are here to help. If you need a corporate rate setting up for an area you may be using on a regular basis we can guarantee to get the best rates for you.

    Meetings & Events offers a FREE UK and worldwide hotel reservation service whether you are looking to book one individual bedroom or co-ordinate accommodation for your large event or conference.

    We source every type of overnight accommodation from inns and lodges to 5 star luxury, and from a one night stay to a long-term let.

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    How Absolute Venues Can Help You Plan Your Travel

    At Absolute Venues, we aim to make booking hotels and planning your business trip as easy as possible. When you choose us to help plan your business trip, we will ensure a fully comprehensive service that gives you access to a wide range of stunning hotels. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best options to our customers so they can choose a hotel that they are one hundred percent happy with every time. Through effective communication, we’re able to understand your needs and account for other factors, such as your budget, to give you the best options for your stay.

    Planning a business trip for large groups of people can be difficult, especially once you factor in travel, and the number of rooms you may need during your stay. This can cause a lot of stress, which is where we come in. We will take the pressure off and help you with all of your online hotel bookings. Through effective online accommodation booking, we can help you plan the finer details of your trip so that you can enjoy a hassle-free trip away with your business colleagues. Whether you’re in need of a single hotel room, for a one-off stay whilst alone, or you need to accommodate a large group of people, we’ve got you covered. We aim to be as flexible as possible to help you achieve the trip you want, and can meet specific requirements such as length of stay, and the use of specific amenities.

    As a free to use hotel booking service, we put your trip first, prioritising all of your needs and catering to your preferences. This allows us to get you the best deals possible at some of the nicest hotels available. If you’re looking to leave the country we can help with that too as we have connections all around the world which will prove extremely helpful, especially if you’re unsure of the area. Attempting online hotel bookings yourself for a hotel you’ve never visited can be tricky, especially if they don’t offer much advice on the area or fail to provide pictures so at least you know what to expect. Knowing which areas to stay in, and which are the best hotels to book, can be difficult when visiting a country you’ve never seen before, which is why you need a service like ours that can easily organise the ideal accommodation and ensure you stay safe.

    Overnight stays for business conferences are extremely popular and often involve several people travelling. The logistics of travelling from where you’re staying, to the conference venue, can become an issue if you’ve not correctly planned the process. Of course, this is difficult if hotels local to the venue are limited, or if you’re working on a budget. When we look for your accommodation, we’ll make sure this is accounted for and find you the best options, that are as close as possible to your meeting venue, without huge price tags attached. Similarly, if you’re looking for a luxury stay whilst you and your colleagues are away, we can cater for that too and find you a stunning hotel with plenty of added benefits.

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    Booking For More Than Just Business

    Trips away don’t just have to be for business purposes, they’re a great way to bond as a group and do some healthy team building activities. For leisure trips with your business colleagues, you’ll want to stay in nice accommodation which makes your trip memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved. Luckily, this is our forte as we have plenty of good relationships with top hotels, meaning we can get you booked in places you otherwise would have been unable to get into. We can help you choose places based on a number of different factors including location, size of rooms and even things that are nearby such as nice bars and restaurants where you can spend an evening. It’s little details like these that make getaways that much more enjoyable and really shows your employees just how much you value them.

    Luxury hotels and scenic views are the perfect way to enjoy a getaway with your colleagues and enjoy some quality time together. High-quality hotels aren’t out of reach and you won’t have to rely on promo codes to get the perfect overnight stay. When planning the trip, let us know exactly what you’re after, whether you would like a fancy hotel in the city centre or a large guest house in the countryside. Whatever it is, we’re able to give you plenty of options to choose from with all the added benefits that come with the most sought after locations. 

    We understand that planning a trip away for multiple people isn’t exactly an easy task and your plans can be dictated by factors such as flight times, travel distances and other obstacles which arise when travelling abroad. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to let these factors ruin your trip, we can organise last-minute workarounds to make sure everything still runs smoothly. If you’re in need of an overnight stay at an airport hotel, you require a last-minute cheap hotel to bridge the gap until you reach your destination, or anything in between, we’re able to help. Our excellent customer service means going above and beyond for you and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

    As a trusted and respected online hotel bookings service, we’re able to not only find you the best places to stay but at the right price, too. With options to fit your budget, we’ll look for the best deals on hotels and exclusive hotel offers to give you the best accommodation possible. At Absolute Venues, we have a great depth of knowledge within the hotel industry and know exactly what to look for in accommodation from real hotel reviews to trusting our instincts on where you should stay. We know all of the hidden gems and top locations in cities such as Manchester, London, Glasgow, each with access to a plethora of bars and eateries for you to enjoy whilst you’re away.

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    Enjoyable And Stress-Free Hotel Booking

    Finding hotels, especially in different countries, can be difficult and if you’re unfamiliar with the provider, inputting your credit card details and email address into their website can be a little daunting. Just as it can be when the price of a stay for a large group of people is much higher than you’d expect. It’s these types of situations that can induce stress and take the shine off a nice trip away. Due to our experience and know-how, we’re more than capable of handling these situations and achieving a positive outcome. No matter where the hotel is located, we’re able to ensure the safety of its location and help you with traveller security whilst making your way there and back.

    Booking a hotel in the modern-day, compared to a few decades ago, is far easier thanks to the internet and user-friendly features such as customer reviews. But, the other side of that is there are now more requirements that people have when looking to visit hotels. For example, if you’re on a business trip, it’s likely that you’ll need access to WiFi, which some hotels won’t offer. Other essentials such as workspaces, or nightlife opportunities, if you’re there on leisure with your colleagues, is something we will work to accommodate. Don’t be disappointed or let down by any business trip, let the team here at Absolute Venues handle it and allow them to surpass your expectations.

    With our extensive knowledge and wealth of experience, we will find you the perfect hotel in your desired location and budget. No compromises will need to be made as our connections allow us to access a much wider range of options than other accommodation booking services. This allows us to present you with options you may have not been able to find otherwise, and get you exclusive deals with top hotels and luxury accommodation.

    From London to Paris hotels to stunning countryside locations or Hotels by a lake, we’ve got the perfect accommodation for you for whatever you are looking for! Over many years of catering to various needs and requests of customers, we’ve discovered some truly remarkable locations and established strong, long-lasting relationships which you’re able to benefit from when you choose us. Explore new cities and exciting locations with the comfort that you’re staying in a quality hotel in a safe location. Treat your colleagues and show your staff how much you value them by taking them on a luxury getaway to a stunning location, without the hassle of having to organise it all.

    By letting us handle your hotel booking, you’re able to focus on the other planning elements involved in your business trip, meaning nothing is going to get missed. Once our search is done we’ll present you with a minimum of 3 or 4 options for you to choose from and finalise your trip. Of course, there are other important factors of your trip such as planning travel, booking events and organising your itinerary, which can’t be neglected. If you have these aspects pre-planned, we can factor them into the planning of your hotel and the locations in which you would like to stay. This gives you the best opportunity to effectively plan your getaway and ensure it runs smoothly from the first moment you leave your house, during the hotel stay, until you arrive safely back home.

    There is a range of sites available, but other accommodation booking companies simply don’t offer the same high level of service that we do. As proven by our completely free hotel and venue finding service, we prioritise your needs above anything else and ensure you get the perfect hotel for your stay. Our fully comprehensive service includes taking care of online reservations, direct bookings and sending you every detail you’ll need directly to your email address for quick access. We’re also on hand to answer any questions or queries you have throughout your stay or before you go, simply call us on +44 (0)161 929 4948, or email us at [email protected] with your message.

    Hotel reviews and customer experiences help us make our choices and fine-tune our search to identify the best options for you. By taking on board customer feedback of both our service and the accommodation we find, we’re able to provide you with the best service possible, which results in you staying in the best hotel possible. We also choose hotels and accommodation based on their reviews and the experiences of those who have stayed there already to filter out any sub-par options. Being in clear, two-way communication with you allows us to understand your thoughts and feelings about a booking as well as allowing us to make sure you’re kept up to date on every step of the process.

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