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Finding a corporate event venue is never easy – there are lots of factors to consider and a wide range of different types of venue to choose from, which makes selecting the perfect venue almost like finding a needle in a haystack.  From London to Edinburgh, companies find themselves painstakingly searching for the venue that’ll provide the best experience for their event, whether that’s corporate parties, a reception, or a team-building event; there are lots of activities that businesses take part in and having the right space for these is vital. Here at Absolute Venues, we believe that finding a venue for a corporate event should be simple and enjoyable, rather than difficult and frustrating, so we’ve put together our handy express venue finder which helps our clients to find the perfect venue for their events without having to spend hours online looking for a space that suits their needs. We can help you find venues in the right city, source hotels for your team and guests, and arrange the setup for all the different types of events you might be hosting, making the entire process so much easier. If you’re wondering what types of corporate event planning we can assist you with, read on – we’ve detailed all of our different types of events below, ranging from training sessions and corporate team building spaces all the way to private party rooms and business meeting locations

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    Christmas party venues

    Perhaps the most stressful event on the entire corporate calendar is the Christmas party – it’s a day that many employees have come to expect the company to go all-out in creating the best experience possible as a thank you for the hard work that’s been put in over the course of the past year, but with so many companies under pressure to get this event right, it can lead to a scramble for venues if left too late. Whilst some companies prepare for theve Christmas function very early in the year to avoid disappointment, others are not as well prepared, leaving their events team with a real task on their hands. At Absolute Venues, we know what it takes to create the perfect space for a corporate Christmas party – you need the ideal venue, the right food and drinks, great music, and festive decorations that have more class than tackiness. In general, if you get these aspects right, you’ll have put together a fantastic Christmas party that your staff are sure to enjoy! Use our venue finder tool today to find the ideal space to host your office Christmas party this year! No matter whether your looking for an intimate space that gives your small team the chance to let their hair down and chat to their colleagues in an environment that’s separate from the office, or a larger venue that’s capable of fitting your entire company workforce in with plenty of room for seating, chatting, and maybe even some festive games, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect place for your Christmas party! Our number one tip for avoiding any disappointment is to plan the event early in the year and get it booked in as soon as possible, as venues for the festive period can book up extremely early.


    Conference, meeting, and events locations

    Conference venues are locations that are generally seen as rather versatile spaces, as they are often used for a wide variety of different purposes over the course of the year. Larger meetings, perhaps those that are company-wide or involve high-level clients, often need a setting that’s got a little more wow-factor than your office boardroom – you want to make a lasting impression, whilst also ensuring that you’ve got enough space to comfortably fit all attendees in. With the variety of events that occur during a conference or large meeting, you need to make sure that the space you choose is well equipped to deal with the demand – major things to consider will be things such as catering, refreshments, bathrooms, and potentially even accommodation if guests will be travelling in for the conference or meeting. To ensure that you have the perfect meeting, another major aspect to consider is the technology that you’ll need to use throughout; many modern businesses now rely on complex IT setups during presentations and conferences, so it’s important to check that the venue you’re selecting is capable of providing the necessary technology to your IT teams. Here at Absolute Venues, we’ll help you to find excellent spaces for your meetings and conferences without hassle or compromise, so get in touch today to start your search!


    Corporate away days

    With many businesses finding that a repetitive working environment can be a bit of a morale killer, corporate away days are becoming an increasingly popular activity to take part in. These away days can be anything from a training session in a remote location to a period of relaxation away from the office, but the idea remains the same; employers are looking to make the working experience as pleasant as possible for their staff. These trips can be done either domestically or internationally, but international away days can involve more planning, so please be aware of this if you’re looking to take your business abroad for a bit of TLC. At Absolute Venues, we’re partnered with locations in the UK and Europe, so whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered. 


    Gala dinners and award ceremonies

    A bit of glitz and glamour is a welcome surprise every now and again, but it’s understandably very tough to create this kind of atmosphere in a tight city-centre office space. For many businesses, this means taking their gala dinners and awards ceremonies a little further afield to a new location that got the right amount of space, the ideal aesthetic, and enough hotel accommodation to house each of their guests. The right venue will be one that’s partnered with elite caterers, bespoke beverage suppliers, and top-level events services within the package that’s offered, as this will allow you to put together a truly spectacular spectacle that’s sure to leave everyone amazed. Venue hires for events like this are extremely in-demand all year round (particularly at the start and end of the year), so we’d advise planning your event and booking your venue, facilities, and events services as soon as you can!


    Networking events 

    As a growing business or an established business looking to make fruitful partnerships, networking events are absolutely crucial. With the right setup, a networking event will enable your business to access a wider circle of useful connections, ranging from suppliers to customers, or even potential investors! Large halls are often the ideal location for events such as these, as they allow you to put together a range of different displays and areas which give the visitor more information about your business, your services, and your teams. We’ve scheduled a range of events just like these here at Absolute Venues, with our dedicated team working tirelessly to help you find a perfect event venue for any of your corporate needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss networking venues or any other venue types that you may require access to in the future! 


    Private dining and hospitality

    A popular venue type that you may require is a private dining space that offers a luxurious, comfortable feel for guests to enjoy exquisite fine dining and hospitality on behalf of your business. Luckily, there are plenty of venues available that can offer exactly this, giving you the perfect way to wow your clients, customers, and stakeholders over a high-class dinner and a comprehensive drinks package to keep everyone feeling merry and upbeat. For a larger business or dinner, spacious venues are a necessity, as you’ll need plenty of space for tables, a bar area, and enough space to allow everyone to get up and more around, allowing them to chat and enjoy the evening. Of course for smaller companies, a more intimate location may be better suited, which we take into consideration when helping you to secure a venue for your private dining experience. 


    Product launch locations

    A common use for most business events venues is product launch events, which are particularly popular for high-profile product releases such as new phones, computers, fashion brands, or even new companies looking to make a statement. With so much riding on these events, you need to ensure that you’ve chosen the perfect business venue – without the right atmosphere and facilities, you put your entire launch at risk. When choosing event spaces for a product launch, the main thing to consider is the purpose of the reveal – what message does your product send and how can you convey this through your venue choice? For a groundbreaking product, why not try a historic venue, or for an eco-friendly launch, perhaps a stunning space surrounded by nature might be the ideal choice for your promotional event! 


    Team building spaces

    The modern workplace is a place that’s built around teamwork and collaborative work processes, but in order to enable your staff to do this in the most effective way, you need to give them the opportunity to develop relationships with their colleagues first. Whilst the workplace is a great way to start doing this and social events can help to further improve these bonds and understandings, there are few things that work as well as team-building activities at a dedicated location. There are a variety of team-building venues in the UK and Europe that enable your staff to take part in a range of activities that build up trust and understanding, making them a better unit upon the return to the office. At Absolute Venues, our experienced team are always on hand to help you plan any of your corporate events, from corporate drinks receptions to training days and team-building retreats – get in touch with our venue team today to learn more about the endless possibilities available!


    Training locations 

    Training is the key to success, so why not take things to the next level and organise a training day for your team at one of our favourite venues? With many UK locations now specialising as training spaces to allow businesses to improve their employees’ skillsets, it’s never been easier to find a space that’s ideally set up to enable your staff to train as they need to. No matter whether you’re looking to give your team technical IT training, customer service tips, or simply looking to give your workforce a better understanding of your business, your principles, and your company goals, having a dedicated out of office solution is the best way to remove distractions and ensure that all focus is on the training. Many of our partnered venues offer corporate event packages that provide you with food, drinks, facilities, and even accommodation to make your training and company retreats as comfortable as possible, so be sure to get in touch today to discuss the options that are available! 


    Conference Venues

    Modern conferences are very different to those of the past – whilst we previously saw huge rooms packed with people all attending the conference, this is rarely the case now, with hosts now having to deal with a mixture of in-person and remote guests using video platforms to connect to the conference. As you can imagine, this can cause huge issues for venues that don’t have the ability to host hybrid conferences – in the modern age, it’s vital that you’re choosing a space that’s up-to-date with the latest technology setups so that you aren’t missing out on any vital components. At Absolute Venues, we’ll help you to find a space that offers everything you need in terms of space, facilities, and technology, allowing you to please your remote guests and in-person attendees. 

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