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The whole idea of a product launch is to make a good first impression on potential investors, buyers and distributors. You can now make sure of that by holding your event in a comfortable venue that sets an appropriate backdrop for your new product with the help of Absolute Venues.

We have years of experience in finding corporate event venues for product launches, pairing some of the most creative minds in new product development with some of the most well presented and professionally run locations in which to showcase that innovation.

With our help, you can get access to a space that allows you to set up a product display – including large indoor or outdoor areas for live demonstrations or physically large products – as well as a stage and audiovisual capabilities for any presentation you might want to make as well. You might want to include all of this in your product launch, or you might be planning something on a smaller scale where you can meet with individuals or small groups to discuss the features of your new product in detail.

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    Whatever you want from the location, Absolute Venues can help you to find it, with our enquiry form that combines some of the most common features – you can choose as many or as few criteria as you want – with the option to tell us any additional information not already covered by those options. You can tell us any specific dates for your product launch – potentially crucial if you already have supply agreements in place, or if your most high-profile guests can only attend on certain days. You can also tell us the capacity you expect to need, and of course, the number of people in attendance will be factored in alongside any other instructions about display space or outdoor areas you might need.

    For the best chance to find a product launch venue that meets all of your needs at the first time of asking, we would urge you to add any other requirements to your enquiry, even if they do not fit into one of the basic items of information that we ask for. Together, all of this helps us to build up a picture of your day and the facilities you need, so that with Absolute Venues’ help your product launch venue can set the perfect scene for the day.


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