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Save yourself time, money and stress by finding your perfect venue in London with us. Our unique, free venue finding service combines your criteria with our own expertise and network of London partners to find you just the right location for your big day. Whether you need some small meeting rooms or a large conference room in a hotel, London has it all. We’ll help you look through the huge number of options and find something suitable for you and your event.

It’s completely free to start a search with us. We never charge booking fees, because our venues pay our referral fee. This cost is never added to the amount you are charged for the venue. Because of our excellent connections and consistent service, many venues actually offer a discount for bookings made through Absolute Venues. That means that booking with us is a service that’s often better than free!

‘‘I haven’t thanked you for all the help you provided, which is very remiss of me. You were great – thank you! The hotel that we booked through you was really good – we had some teething problems at our first weekend, but they were very responsive in dealing with these for the second. We would gladly work with them again.’’

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    The bustling capital of the UK – London –  is one of the biggest and most thriving cities for businesses in the world. A venue location in London puts you right in the middle of some of the biggest business communities for seminars, corporate events and  conferences, as well as  business launches networking events and training days. If you want to get noticed, there’s nowhere better to be in the UK, and if you’re planning on open-door attendance, you’re bound to get a lot of high profile guests through your doors, not to mention the industry experts.

    A London postcode makes an excellent first impression with clients, customers and investors. It’s a competitive market, and not every business can have its headquarters in the capital. But with our help, we can find you a location that will increase your exposure and invite in an executive crowd that nowhere else in the country has access to.


    How We’ll Find Your Venue In London

    As a leading venue finding agency here in the UK, we know how important it is to find our customers the right venues. That’s why we have close partnerships with private venues throughout London. From central London, through Greater London, and across the south-east, we work closely with all kinds of reputable and awe-inspiring venues so that we always have a solution for you, as well as making sure you have overnight accommodation secured should you need it. Established in 2002, we have the expertise and connections to offer you a professional, personal service that meets all of your requirements and to find you a venue that allows your event to be as successful as it can.

    When you use our venue finding service, we’ll shortlist a few that we think are suitable for your needs. From there, we can help you choose what’s right for you, or advise you on locations that are conveniently placed around London’s road and public transport systems. We know London can be daunting and difficult to navigate for non-locals! We’ll help guide you through the process as much as you need.

    The team members here at Absolute Venues have over 80 years’ of experience within the industry. We’ve all worked within various hotels and venues, so we know what makes a great venue. As a leading UK venue finder, we’ve managed to develop strong relationships within the field over the years. We have contacts with both hotel groups and independent venues throughout London, which means that we can offer you a preferential discounted rate in locations throughout and around the city.

    “I have been using Absolute Venues and Sallie for 5 years and I cannot start to adequately express how brilliant the service is. Professional, cost effective, quick and unflappable. I have presented the team with very demanding requests and I know that as soon as I press send on the email, the venue or reservation will be in my inbox before the end of the day and it will be the most elegant of solutions, whilst being cost effective and exactly what is being requested. The team are responsive, reactive and proactive. I cannot rate the service highly enough for cost and time saving to my company as well as reliable and personable.”


    We enjoy taking a bespoke, tailored approach with all of our clients. We’ll give you a dedicated event planner to work with you throughout the planning process. This is our bread and butter, but we know it can be stressful to find the perfect venue for your event. From sending you a shortlist of suitable venues, to giving you your own dedicated event planner to help you through, we ensure the entire process is a smooth and easy one!

    After you’ve chosen from our selection, we offer the opportunity for you to visit the venues in person. This gives you the chance to decide whether each space is exactly right for your event. You can make a booking either with or without this personal visit, it’s up to you. But we think it’s important to give you an opportunity to check things out beforehand. Remember, asking for us to try and find you a venue is a completely free service. There’s no obligation to book any of the locations we shortlist for you.

    With countless businesses, seminars and conferences operating in London, the most desirable sites tend to become booked quite early, especially at busy parts of the year. If you can, get in touch with us as soon as you have a date in mind for your event. That’s going to give us time to go out and find you a selection of great venues perfect for your particular needs. You’re also going to have time to arrange a visit should you want one, and make your final decision with time to spare.


    Types of Venues in London

    As one of the world’s busiest, fastest and most vibrant cities for businesses, London has a lot of competition when it comes to booking venues. There’s a lot going on in London, and there’s a lot of people to connect and network with. This means that it’s important you have expert help on hand when you’re looking for somewhere for your event. We can help find you a selection of the most suitable London venues for you, and help you to get in early and book an excellent location before someone else does.

    Obviously, not all events need a venue of this kind of size. But these buildings give an idea of the vast type and range of venues available in London. From the O2 right the way down to the smallest hotels and offices, whatever your event requirements might be, London has a venue that is perfect for you. From Christmas parties and product launches, to roadshows and award ceremonies, we’ll help to find the right venue for your event.


    London As A Venue For Corporate Events

    We specialise in finding venues in London for all kinds of different corporate events, including: