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Christmas parties

Every year, too many companies leave it until October – or even later – to start searching for venues for Christmas parties. By that time, especially if you are catering for a large group of people or you want lavish surroundings, the best venues will already be fully booked. In fact, to take your team to the kind of venue they deserve after a long hard year of challenging work, you should look to book up to a year in advance, if not more.

Absolute Venues can help with advance bookings for Christmas party venues, so that you secure the most suitable and desirable premises available in your area, at a sensible date during the Christmas holiday season. That means no more ‘Christmas’ parties in January or February, and no more cramped tables forced into rooms that are too small by venues trying to make easy money out of the festive period.

Our free venue finding service searches for professionally run premises, most of which we have used in the past and are happy to recommend again as we are offering a high level of service. These are privately owned venues that rely on our repeated recommendations to bring in new business – and that means you can expect good quality catering for your Christmas meal, comfortable and well-presented banqueting tables, all at a reasonable price.

You benefit first of all by getting our expertise for free, as our team will shortlist several potential venues (or make a single recommendation, if you prefer) which you can visit in person before making a final decision to book. Even beyond that, you can also get a better price on your booking, as many of the venues we work with can offer a discount for booking through Absolute Venues, thanks to the repeated referrals we have given them in the past.

However, it is still essential to start your search as early as possible – if anything, in October you should already be planning next year’s Christmas party if you want to take your team to a location they will not forget.

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