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Absolute Venues’s free venue finding service takes the hassle out of searching for the perfect meeting space. We can find a meeting room for groups of two to 2,000 people, and with over 2,000 convenient locations throughout the UK, Europe and around the world, finding the right business meeting venue for your corporate event has never been simpler. 

Absolute Venues can help you find the perfect location for an array of events including formal settings such as an executive hotel for award evenings, luxurious surroundings like a country house or spa for a prestigious meeting, or a more informal venue perhaps for training days, to relax those in attendance and encourage more free speech.

Our venues are all privately owned and professionally run, so you won’t find a church, school hall, leisure centre, or community centre recommended to you – although if you want a quirky meeting space that has a sense of character, we can suggest suitable galleries, museums, and even castles in some locations.

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    Setting the Right Tone With Your Venue

    Having the right environment for meetings can help to get proceedings started on the right foot – whether it’s an internal type of meeting with only colleagues in attendance, or a more impressive meeting space for external clients or stakeholders.

    For many corporate meetings, it is not the building itself that matters, so much as the equipment onsite that is provided; again, we can make sure that these meet your specifications.

    During your initial enquiry, you can let us know of any facilities you need, these can include:

    • Catering
    • Drinks receptions
    • Onsite parking
    • Art equipment, such as a white board and flip charts
    • Breakout sessions

    Of course, for modern business meetings, you may also need equipment for video production, high-speed internet, and audio-visual equipment. We can ensure that our wide range of meeting room options that we shortlist via our free venue finding service can meet your needs.

    As with all of our meeting space finding services, this comes at no cost to you – the type of meeting room you decide to book will cover our fees for running the search. Plus, you will not be expected to pay extra on your booking fee with the venue itself.

    In fact, the venues we recommend typically charge less when booked through us than they would if you found them directly, as we refer greater volumes of bookings to them time after time. We pass those bulk savings on to you, allowing you to get affordable rates for popular locations when booking an upcoming business meeting venue.

    Hybrid Business Meetings And Conferences

    The COVID-19 pandemic led to a sudden global switch to virtual and remote working. Due to this, there has been a huge increase in multimedia streaming technologies for business, such as AV equipment, allowing companies to communicate virtually in a way that many had never experienced before 2020.

    The technological advancements brought forth, and flexibility that we found, by the pandemic has led experts to believe that the future of a company’s office space, meetings, and conferences will be ‘hybrid’. But what does this mean exactly?

    A hybrid solution combines a mixture of virtual and live elements to create an event that engages audiences no matter where they are in the world. Attendees can access the meeting or conference from anywhere across the globe, whilst still having the option to attend in person.

    Therefore, hybrid events cater to all audiences, communicating with everyone on the same level, taking advantage of all the best bits of in-person networking, with the added benefit of the flexibility of remote technologies.

    Absolute Venues’s events team can help you find a versatile space for a hybrid meeting from our comprehensive events venues, allowing an international audience to still attend your business event.

    This allows companies to host an inspiring meeting whilst also keeping it COVID-safe and compliant, keeping everyone you know and love as safe as possible. It also allows attendees the opportunity to choose for themselves which option they feel the safest doing, placing emphasis on flexibility and wellbeing.

    The Benefits of Opting for Hybrid Business Meeting Venues

    Though hybrid meetings might seem complicated, they are definitely worth the initial investment and learning curve. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of hosting a hybrid event with help from Absolute Venues.

    • Wider audience reach

    Hybrid events have the potential to reach a wider audience than both virtual conferences and in-person meetings alone. Not only does a hybrid meeting space allow participants from everywhere in the world to access your event, but it gives people who are sick or faced with a personal emergency the opportunity to still attend the event from the comfort of their own homes. Thus, hybrid conferences could be the ideal choice if you want to considerably increase your audience reach.

    • Improved engagement

    Incorporating technology into your event can massively encourage audience engagement and participation, as it allows attendees to reply to questions, polls, and contribute through their smartphones or computers. Improved engagement can lead to a more productive outcome of the event, as well as increased networking within the attendees.

    • Better for the environment

    In our modern era, the impact that everything has on the environment should be a crucial consideration of every choice – not just business decisions. With this in mind, a hybrid event can allow you to host a more environmentally-conscious type of meeting. This prevents attendees from commuting for long distances, not only reducing travel times, costs and carbon emissions, but may also expand your choice of meeting spaces, as you won’t necessarily have to find a business meeting venue with excellent transport connections and nearby accommodation

    • Increased scalability

    It is easy to scale events that are hybrid, and they can allow you to gather data about the event more easily. In turn, this offers an increased return on investment, and the ability to improve and scale events in the future.

    • Boost flexibility

    Hybrid events can future proof your business – just think about what could happen if we experience another pandemic; another wave of the coronavirus; or even a natural disaster. Having a hybrid event system already in place gives you peace of mind knowing that you have something to fall back on – a safety net – in the unfortunate event of any of these disasters happening.

    What to Consider When Finding Hybrid Business Meeting Venues

    As you can imagine, the transition to hybrid meetings means that hosts will now have different requirements for their venues, for example for award ceremonies, training sessions, networking events, corporate meetings and even charity events. However, Absolute Venues has the expertise to assist you in finding the perfect meeting space for your hybrid event.

    Hosts of hybrid conferences should look for meeting room spaces that have the versatility and potential to cater to both live and virtual aspects of the event. Therefore, these flexible spaces should offer both excellent presentation and conference facilities to ensure the event runs smoothly for all audiences. This should include:

    • Telecommunications facilities
    • High-speed internet
    • Audiovisual systems

    However, you also need to consider the in-person meeting facilities to ensure that everything is COVID-safe. This means looking for an airy meeting space that has plenty of room and natural light, including an outdoor area such as private gardens or walled gardens, if at all possible. This will allow participants to take a moment outside if they wish to have a break, for example, if delegates have been wearing a face mask.

    Overall, the perfect space for hybrid corporate events needs to be flexible – that is, a flexible meeting space, with fantastic facilities that benefit the organisers, in-person attendees, and remote delegates. This will give you the opportunity to smoothly host your event for all audiences, making the event a complete success.

    Why Choose Absolute Venues

    No matter what type of business meeting venue you are looking for – formal, sleek hotels, corporate venues with a simple meeting room, conference venues with modern meeting facilities, or an idyllic hire space with beautiful surroundings and a spa – Absolute Venues can help you find the perfect venue for a productive meeting.

    Our variety of event spaces and meeting venues are professionally run by private owners, boasting a wide range of facilities for you to choose from. With packages available for groups from two to 2,000 across the world, Europe, and the UK, use Absolute Venues’s venue finder to find the perfect meeting space.

    Our venue finder tool allows you to browse our range of business meeting venues for a range of meeting types. Just tell us the number of delegates and your requirements, and we will call you to discuss your event within the hour. Our experts will then provide you with a shortlist of meeting spaces that have been hand selected to meet all your needs to a tee.

    Due to the fantastic relationship that we have with our event partners, you can benefit from a discount on your booking when going through us. Even better, our hybrid business meeting services come at no extra charge – you only pay for the booking of the venue and their services themselves.

    Even with the change in direction of modern events towards incorporating more virtual and technological elements, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you to find your dream venue. Absolute Venues has over 80 years of combined experience which can help you to ensure that every aspect of your event runs successfully.

    How Do I Book A Business Meeting With Absolute Venues?

    Holding a business meeting with Absolute Venues is simple yet effective and can be tailored to businesses of all sizes, whether the meeting is internal or hosting external stakeholders, across the UK, Europe, and around the world.

    Firstly, get in touch with our team, letting us know your name, email address, phone number, and the number of delegates for the conference. This is also the time to tell us more about what you are looking for, such as the meeting space you desire, what kind of location you’re after – such as the city centre, what kind of corporate events you host, and any flexible facilities you might consider, such as meeting capacity.

    After filling out our venue finder tool, one of our experts will give you a call back with as little as a 1 hour response time. We will then discuss your needs, requirements, and hopes for the conference at hand, ensuring that we fully understand what it is you are looking for from your meeting space.

    The friendly team at Absolute Venues will then hand select a variety of event spaces that we think will be perfect for your event, making sure that every meeting space we shortlist meets all your needs and requirements, transcending your expectations.

    Then, it’s all down to you to choose your favourite from the range of meeting venues proposed, finalise a date and time so that we can double check the availability, and book your location. You will never have to pay for anything other than the agreed booking fee with the venue itself.

    That’s right – our business meeting venue finding services are completely free for you to use. And, as we frequently book in with all of the venues that we work with, you can benefit from a discounted price compared to approaching the venue individually.

    Finally, it’s time to host your event! Whether you opt for a hybrid or in-person meeting, everyone is welcome at Absolute Venues. Plus, with the savings that you can make by using our specialist services, just think of the budget you will gain to revolutionise your conference game forever.

    Contact Absolute Venues Today For More Information About Planning Your In-Person Or Hybrid Business Meeting

    The team at Absolute Venues are experts in finding you the perfect venue for all your in-person or hybrid conferences, and business meetings. Our services are tailored to your every need, always ensuring that each venue is the perfect environment for every client. And it’s not just your business meetings you can turn ‘hybrid’ – you can find out more about our hybrid events planning here.

    For stunning meeting spaces and fantastic facilities in perfect locations, get in touch with Absolute Venues today. Please call 0161 929 2948, email [email protected], fill out our enquiry form, or use the chat icon to speak to one of our event planning experts.


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