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How do I make an enquiry?

Call or email us, or click on Plan an event form.  We’ll call you immediately to discuss your requirements.

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What is the catch?

We promise there is no catch, it is fantastic, professional and it is a “Totally Free Venue Finding Service“ 

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How can you possibly offer all this for free?

Easy, we are paid a small commission by the Venue for the introduction of your business as all agents are.

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Are venue rates increased to cover the commission payment?

Not at all we know exactly where to pitch our negotiations because we know the venue and the market conditions. Also, you benefit from our huge buying power which has accumulated from years of placing large volumes of business for our clients.  You never have to pay us a penny and you will always receive the same price as if you went straight to the venue

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What are the advantages of using your venue finding service?
  • Free venue finding service for 2-2000 whatever numbers you require
  • Experienced venue sourcing company established in 2002
  • One call solution for all meeting and venue requirements – if you have a series of events/locations we can put together a whole programme for you.
  • If you need a venue for a one-off event, that’s fine too.
  • Agreed response times for each enquiry – you set the deadlines
  • Minimum of 3 + venue options provided for each enquiry
  • Detailed, full colour proposals
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If I send you a Conference enquiry is there any obligation that we have to book with you?

There is no obligation to book any of the suggested venues that we send you on your proposal’s we just ask when we have found the perfect match you book it through us to guarantee we get you the best rates.

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I have an urgent request and I need something very quickly

We appreciate and understand that sometimes things happen last minute, we have an Express Service so no problem our “Venue Express “department will work on it for you immediately

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What happens if I need to see the Venues?

Simply let us know which Venues that you would like to visit and we will organise all the arrangements for you.

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What happens if I decide to book?

Once you have chosen the venue Absolute Venues will forward a written confirmation to you detailing your requirements in depth. The Venue will then produce a contract which will be sent direct to you to sign and return.

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I have worked with a Venue Finder service previously but wasn’t very impressed

We like to think that with our wealth of experience, knowledge, industry awareness, and success that you will love working with us! Our clients tell us that they do, we love what we do and will work with you all the way. We place hundreds of successful events each year (see our Testimonials section).

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I need help with Team Building or Entertainment, or have a special requirement, can you help with this?

We work with an array of suppliers in the UK and globally with respect to these activities.

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What Do Venue Finding Agencies Do?

Venue finding agencies will provide you with a venue finding specialist. It is their job to locate the most appropriate and fitting location for your corporate events, based on your specific requirements and requests. Agencies like this will have built relationships with venues over time, creating a large and evolving database of conference venues, independent hotels, and other suitable venues for corporate events. Our free venue finding service will help you locate your perfect venue, no matter what the occasion is. We can source venues for your business meetings, conferences, product launches and seminars. We can also help arrange accommodation and hotel bookings for your colleagues and partners that have to travel. Thinking of organising some training days or a team-building venue away from the office? Our dedicated team of venue finders will find the right place for your corporate away days and other out-of-office activities. Our direct relationships with various venues across the UK means we can quickly and efficiently source you the right space for events of any size or stature. Our professional assistance doesn’t stop there though. We can also help to organise your event from start to finish, sourcing the best venues, and event suppliers, to match your brief and budget.

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Do You Operate Across the UK?

Yes, Absolute Venues operates across the UK, Europe and worldwide. From conference venues in London to independent hotels in Edinburgh (and everything and everywhere in-between), our experienced team of venue finders will provide several solutions and options for you to choose from to make your corporate event absolutely perfect. Our venue finding service operates within all the major cities in the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle. In these major cities, you can expect to find lots of options and venue ideas for your business event. You can also find some hidden gems and interesting venues within our other areas of operation, including Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Bristol and Southampton. Our main base of operation is in the UK, but our free venue planning services extend to the whole world. We can help you find suitable venues anywhere in Europe, including key cities such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy and The Netherlands. Our worldwide venue finder will allow you to locate the perfect place around the globe, one that matches your budget, requests and necessities. Our search has no boundaries, meaning you can source the very best venues the world has to offer, no matter how niche they may be.

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What Sort of Venues Can You Help Me Find?

As part of our free venue finder, our strategic meetings and events team will place your exact wants and desires as the main priority. We don’t provide a predefined list of venues for you to choose from, in the hope that your planned events and activities will be workable within one of them, in fact, the process works the opposite way around. You tell us what you want and require from your event, and we will source the perfect venue for it. In truth, we can help you find almost any type of venue to fit your budget and requirements. Conferencing events, seminars and corporate roadshow events often require large lecture halls or meeting spaces – and suitable accommodation for visiting guests, too. We can take care of sourcing the appropriate venue, organising your day’s activities from start to finish, and arranging hotel accommodation and business travel bookings too. This leaves you to focus entirely on the participation, and enjoyment, of your event. For less official events, we can source the most magnificent corporate suites, banquet halls and ceremonial venues for your gala dinners and award ceremonies. Alternatively, together, we can find a comfortable and well-presented table layout, some high-quality catering, and a price that doesn’t dent the pocket for your end-of-year Christmas celebrations.

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How Our Free Venue Finding Service Works

How our free venue finding service works is very simple, quick and easy – especially for you! The starting point is the enquiry form, which you can fill out here on our site. One of the things we ask you to tell us is – quite simply – what is it that you are looking for? This allows us to get an initial understanding of the mood and tone of your event. We will then call you back to go over your more specific requirements, such as your desired venue style, rating or seating style. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0161 327 0938 and one of our experienced team members will have a chat with you about your event needs. Once we have an idea of what you want, we will scour our directory over 160,000 venues worldwide to find the most suitable one for you.

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What Will Events Look Like in 2021?

It is hard to say how long it will be before corporate social events, like dinners or award ceremonies, become wholly permitted and normal again. Our strong relationships with venues across the UK mean we are regularly updated on their capabilities. As with the rest of the world, event spaces and conference venues are having to adapt the way they operate to keep everyone safe and abide by Covid related regulations. More official corporate events, like a business meeting or team-building exercise, will also have to change slightly. Large events with lots of attendees may not be possible for the early part of the year, possibly creating a trend for smaller and more frequent events, where audiences are more manageable and socially distanced. All of this will, of course, require seating plans, layouts and signage. The year 2021 may also see a rise in hybrid events, where a virtual element is added to your meeting or conference. This allows a small number of people to meet face-to-face whilst broadcasting the session to a wider audience using technology. Finding the perfect venue in 2021 may also mean a rise in the popularity of outdoor events. Managing space and the risk of transmission is much easier in outdoor environments. Whatever your requirements are, we can ensure your event in 2021 runs smoothly, safely and in the perfect venue.