What Is an Event Organiser?


So, what is an event organiser? Behind every unforgettable event, you’ll find one. Event organisers handle everything that goes into hosting, from choosing the right location and venue to booking guests and catering. It’s an essential job that requires creativity, attention to detail, and impeccable organisational skills. 

But being a professional event organiser is more than just coordinating logistics and booking venues for corporate events. It’s about curating experiences that leave a lasting impression. And, at Absolute Venues, that’s precisely where our expertise lies. 

In this short guide, we’ll be talking:

  • What is an event organiser?
  • The key duties covered within the role of an event organiser
  • The collaboration of event organisers and venue finders
  • How our venue finding service can help organisers to plan

Up first, let’s explore: what does an event organiser do?

What Exactly is an Event Organiser?

An event organiser is the individual or team that plans the delivery of an event from beginning to end. Working within a budget, they’ll be briefed by the client on the nature and purpose of the event, and then will set to work bringing it all together.

Meeting deadlines, sticking to budgets, and working closely with suppliers are all core parts of the job. With the events industry being incredibly competitive and the price of hospitality venues rising by 7.1%, an event organiser worth their salt will be well connected – backed by years of experience – to snag their clients the best rates no matter if it’s on or off-season.

Key Duties in the Role of an Event Organiser

As you’d expect, when it comes to event planning, there are stacks of moving parts. From arranging fun company away days to booking upscale gala dinners and awards, event organisers take the stress out of event management by assisting clients with the following:

  • Managing budgets and event costs
  • Creating event timelines and schedules
  • Booking venues, transport, and hotel accommodation
  • Arranging catering and sourcing any extra amenities
  • Networking with vendors and suppliers 
  • Handling permits and legal requirements
  • Overseeing the setup, duration, and cleanup of events
  • Ensuring client satisfaction and resolving any issues that arise

At Absolute Venues, our dedicated team is the go-to choice for all this and more. We work with businesses, and even event organisers themselves, to handle the often time-consuming planning and delivery phase of hosting. 

Whatever your hotel, venue, or event requirements, we offer a unique venue finding service totally free of charge. 

Interested? Simply contact us today.

5 Key Event Management Skills

The skills needed for an event organiser can vary based on the type and size of the project they’re handling. Different events require different sets of skills, of course, so those in event management must be adaptable and versatile.

  1. Communication: There’s heaps of collaboration when bringing an event to life, whether it’s booking speakers, liaising with venue owners, or coordinating guests, so effective communication is key.
  2. Budget management: Easily, the cost of a corporate event can get out of control if you’re not keeping track of all the fees involved. Not just the price of the venue itself, but all the extra administrative charges here and there can rack up if you don’t manage them well.
  3. Negotiation: It’s no secret that prices in the events industry can be… let’s just say sizeable. That’s why negotiation is key to ensure you’re getting your clients the absolute best rate going.
  4. Organisation: Many moving parts, of course, to event management so you’ll need to be liaising between the venue, the booking, and your clients at all points for a smooth run.
  5. Resourceful: Events can sometimes be full of surprises, and though it’s your role to minimise and control this as much as you can, it’ll come in handy if you can think up solutions on the fly.

Types of Event Organisers

Though some can specialise in certain niches, the role of an event organiser more typically involves making a range of events happen. 

A client will either present their dedicated event planner with a specific brief, outlining the itinerary they have in mind, or a more collaborative approach will be adopted. In this, a loose agenda can be set, and the event planner will draw upon their expertise and contacts to make recommendations that best match the client’s goals – in line, of course, with their budget and preferences.

At Absolute Venues, our expert team has first-hand experience in planning events in the most in-demand event locations across the UK – and beyond. Our event organisers will work with clients directly, or we’ll liaise with event managers, PAs, or marketers to pull off the best events for their own clients.

Most Popular Event Types

  • Networking events: We’ll source venues that are most conducive to building meaningful connections, whether it’s through a structured meet-and-greet session or interactive activities.
  • Product launch events: Innovated a new product or got a client with a big announcement coming up? We’ll help you put together a launch that captures attention and generates buzz.
  • Seminars and corporate conferences: From informative seminars on industry trends to hands-on workshops that enhance skill sets, we’ll use our venue finder to recommend the best training venues with the right facilities to ensure the day runs smoothly.
  • Team building day outs: Team building events are more than just fun and games – they’re opportunities for teams to bond, collaborate, and grow together. No matter the scale, be it simply a business meeting venue being booked out to host an educational workshop or an elaborate all-expenses-paid-for corporate away day, we can talk options.
  • Business lunches: Who says business meetings have to be dull? Business lunch planners elevate the traditional meeting format by combining delicious cuisine with productive discussions. 

Event Planning & Finding Suitable Venues With Us

So, there you have it: ‘What is an event organiser?’ answered from top to bottom, as well as what clients seek out in adopting their services. But, of course, there’s far more to event planning than we can cover here.

If you’ve got an upcoming event and would like some support in the nitty gritty – deciding on the right location, booking the venue, negotiating rates, you name it – our exclusive venue finding service is totally free of charge and at your disposal.

With our extensive network of venues and industry connections, the Absolute Venues team is ready to help you uncover hidden gems and hotspots that you won’t find anywhere else. Interested? Simply contact us today, and we’ll be in touch.