How to Network at an Event: 5 Expert Tips


Have you ever found yourself wondering how to network at an event? It can be a tricky art to master but when done right opens doors to valuable business relationships.

The team at Absolute Venues have come together to give our top tips on how to thrive at networking events. As experienced event planners who source venues for corporate events across the country, we have a wealth of experience in the events industry and we’re happy to share it with you in this article. 

Keep reading to find out why networking is so vital and practical tips for exactly how to network at an event.

Why Networking Is Crucial in 2024

Recent surveys have revealed just how important networking can be. 

Did you know that networking accounts for 85% of people finding their next job?

Or that, networking is the primary means of job hunting?

These statistics throw startling light on the important role business networking plays in job hunting. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips on how to network at events to help you get the best out of networking. 

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Our Events Experts’ Top Tips for How to Network at an Event

Ensure that you’re expanding your networking through in-person events so you don’t miss out on the enormous ‘hidden job market’. Here are our tips on how to get the best from business networking events:  

1. Practise Active Listening 

Even if it’s nerve-wracking for you to introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met before, start by introducing yourself warmly with a smile. 

Then use ‘active listening’ tactics to make it clear to the person you’re talking to that you’re fully engaged in your conversation. These strategies include giving verbal and non-verbal cues to them that you’re listening to what they have to say, like nodding and giving affirmative responses. Feeling heard and understood is a strong basis to start a positive business connection.

2. Follow the 70/30 Conversation Rule

While you’re there to network, your conversations don’t need to be purely about business. Remember to infuse your conversation with some personal details to get your authentic personality across – for example, where you live or what you do for fun. A rough rule of thumb is to talk about business 70% of the time, with 30% of the chat being personal. 

3. Show Sincere Interest by Asking Questions, Not Just Answering Them

This piece of advice may seem obvious but it’s absolutely crucial for creating a sense of reciprocity in a new relationship. Try to make sure that you ask a question for every one that you’re asked to keep the flow of conversation even. 

4. Consider Investing in Business Cards

While business cards are rarer than they used to be, they can still be a valuable tool for networking. When you’re networking with a room full of people you’ve never met before it can be difficult to remember people’s names both at and after the event. Giving and receiving business cards can help with that. Here are some other useful tricks:

  • Use a mnemonic to remember their name. That means taking the first letter of their name and trying to tie it to a distinctive feature about them 

E.g. Caroline has curly hair 

  • Introduce someone else to them in order to hear them say their name again.

E.g. You say, ‘Have you met my colleague Alexandra?’, prompting the prospect to introduce themselves to your colleague where you can learn their name again.

5. Follow up by 24-Hours after the Event

Strike while the iron is hot by following up on the first day after the event – ideally the morning afterwards. Ideally you’ll reach out on email as well as on social media such as LinkedIn. 

Remember to thank them for their time and personalise the message to them, referencing things they told you about themselves or other topics you discussed. Sign off by expressing your interest in staying in touch and your hope to see them soon. 

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