What Is a Corporate Event?


Due to the variety of corporate events, you may be left asking, what is a corporate event? They can be crucial in providing that much-needed break from the usual 9-5 working day. However, it can be hard to know exactly what entails a corporate event when there are a wide range of types available.

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From product launches to corporate away days, a variety of team-building events and more, it can feel overwhelming knowing where to look when you’re organising your next event. But not to worry – we’re here to help!

How Do You Define a Corporate Event?

Essentially, a corporate event is any type of social activity that is run and funded by a company or business. These can range from an internal event (just for its employees) or external (for impressing potential clients). The target audience is just as broad as corporate events themselves. 

When deciding where to host your corporate event – be it live, virtual, or hybrid – it’s all about what the purpose is for your company. Perhaps you’re looking to entice potential customers, hold a large-scale event that provides networking opportunities, or to strengthen the relationship of employees – corporate events have it all! 

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5 Popular Types of Corporate Events

Business Conference

Now, the good news is that there is no shortage of types of corporate events to host. With each being unique in outcome and intended audience, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types…


Looking to host an event primarily for educational purposes? Conferences are an ideal fit, allowing you to host and focus on a specific topic. Corporate conferences typically offer expert talks and presentations along with Q&A panels. 

The presentations can range from slide shows and lectures to workshops, depending on if you want a more practical or theoretical approach for attendees. 

Conferences present the perfect opportunity for employees to learn from the experts and each other too! They can also act as a hub for innovative ideas and roundtables.

Team-Building Events

Team-building events are great for employees to connect with one another beyond a purely professional level. 

This can have an extremely positive impact on the inner workings of your company, increasing job satisfaction and the bonds between your team. 

Friendly competition is always good for boosting leadership and team-building skills, such as a sports game. Or, if you want something more relaxed, a yoga session is perfect for unwinding from the strain of the daily grind. 

Using our free venue finding service, simply let us know the type of team-building activity you have in mind and we’ll sort the logistics. 

Product Launches

If you want to boost sales for your business or a client’s, product launch events can ensure that the latest rollout makes a splash. From smaller scale meeting room hires to glitzy galas to charm high-profile guests, it’s a balance of budget and intended outcome when choosing the right venue.

A successful event leaves a positive impression on attendees. Depending on the scale of the launch, media coverage could also factor in, widening anticipation and intrigue for the release.

However, product launches go beyond this.  They are strategic investments that can mean serious returns, both in terms of immediate sales and long-term brand growth. More than simply a product launch, it’s a showcase of your brand story and experience, so budget to impress.

Networking Events

Networking events are amazing for meeting like-minded people who may be able to share an extra level of knowledge about your industry. 

These can range from smaller, more informal meet-ups to larger, formal events. They provide a perfect opportunity to build valuable connections and promote yourself or business to a market of business people in the same boat as you! 

Networking events are also excellent for expanding your own personal awareness of the latest trends, keeping you in the loop of what’s happening within your industry.

Private Parties

There’s a certain allure to private parties – an exclusivity that sets them apart from the ordinary. Whether you’re celebrating a company milestone or holding an annual Christmas party, private parties can alleviate the inevitable stresses and tensions that arise from the workplace. 

Like team-building events, a private party is the type of event that adds another dynamic to the workplace and shows employees that they are valued and appreciated! 

As you’d expect, the best venues get snapped up quickly during peak times. That’s why it’s important to get your booking in early or collaborate with us to ensure your first choice is secured.

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