How To Make Your Corporate Away Day Memorable


Whether you’re a small and personal team that needs a change of scenery, or a large organisation that plans to bring its employees together in one place, your corporate away day should be both informative and enjoyable. In this latest Absolute Venues blog, we will give some tips and guidance on how to make your corporate away day both memorable and valuable.

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What is a Corporate Away Day?

A corporate away day provides an opportunity for your company staff members to catch-up, share work-related skills and experiences, and take part in team bonding exercises, in an informal setting, away from the office. It is a great learning and networking experience free from the confines of the usual office environment.

We have a free venue finder here at Absolute Venues that can help you secure a suitable place for your next corporate away day. Choose from a variety of stunning locations, and incorporate some of our worthwhile away day activities (more on that later), to ensure the day is unforgettable.

Benefits of Corporate Away Days

Improve Team Morale

Introducing a little fun and something different from the norm can have a positive impact on your team’s morale. Think of this as a bonding exercise, and an opportunity for groups of staff members to mix with, and get to know, other people that they wouldn’t usually work alongside, or communicate with. All of this helps to promote the idea that you are one, big, happy family.

Increase Productivity

Higher morale usually results in increased productivity, no matter what your area of business is. Corporate away day venues alone can be enough to spark some productivity, or worthwhile ideas, within your team. The day provides a chance for your colleagues to express themselves, share their opinions, and think out of the box somewhere other than the usual place of work.

Celebrate Corporate and Team Successes

Corporate away days provide an opportunity to celebrate corporate successes and reward those teams, or individuals, who have exceeded expectations, or achieved something remarkable. Acknowledging successes, and taking the time to applaud them as a team, will boost morale even further.

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3 Amazing Corporate Away Day Ideas

Get Your Aprons On

Corporate away days are always worthwhile when there is food involved! Include an afternoon of cooking, or tasting, during your away day and watch as the conversation flows! There are lots of venues, restaurants and hotels across the country that host experiences within their kitchens, such as The Cooking Academy, which provides something different for your team to sink their teeth into.

Let Your Inner Survivor Out

Prefer to get your hands a little dirtier? Is your team full of adrenaline junkies or Bear Grylls wannabes? If you’d prefer to be outdoors, then you could choose an adventure/survival themed away day. For instance, Bear Grylls Survival Academy teaches life-saving survival skills and involves many team-building exercises – and a lot of scary situations! You could incorporate this following a morning of meetings and desk-based exercises, before getting rough and ready for action in the woods!

Swap Jobs for the Day

Have one of your departments/individuals swap jobs with another department/individual within your organisation – and then ask them to run their day in a simulation, or roleplaying, exercise. This is a good way to let people experience what it is like to do someone else’s job in your business. This can highlight to others how difficult other jobs are, and also bring a fresh pair of eyes and opinions to each job in question, which may be valuable and useful information moving forward.

Let Absolute Venues Find Your Perfect Venue

The year 2021 is already shaping up to be one to remember – but for good reasons this time! We hope some of the ideas discussed above help to make your corporate away days in 2021 a success. If you’re looking for a venue to host an away day in 2021, we’d love to chat! The team here at Absolute Venues can help you source the best corporate away day venues to match your business size, needs and planned events for each away day.

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