Use our free venue finding service to get ahead on 2018


In our recent articles we’ve talked about the importance of using our free venue finding service as soon as possible if you are still planning events for even the latter part of 2017, as locations start to get fully booked and your target audience’s own schedules become increasingly crowded.

But there is an alternative, rather than trying to put together a corporate event within just a few months of starting a search for your venue.

The other option is to take the easy route and plan corporate events for 2018 instead – and although that might leave you with nothing on your calendar for the coming 12 months, it gives you a head start on much of your competition when arranging events for the following year.

By leapfrogging those who were ahead of the game for 2017, you can actually become one of your industry’s trailblazers for the year after, plus you benefit from a longer amount of time to find a conference venue and plan what will actually take place at your trade show or exhibition.

Of course there are several ways to start planning a corporate event for 2018 – you might have a clear idea of the kind of sessions you want to schedule, and need to find a specific venue to fit around them; or you might want a spectacular venue in the right location first, and then fit your event into the available space.

We can help in either circumstance, as our free venue finding service starts with as much or little information as you are able to provide on location, what facilities you need, and even what type of building the venue itself should be.

From this we draw up a shortlist for you to whittle down to one – meaning you only need to make very few in-person visits to venues we can confirm match your criteria, from which hopefully you will find the perfect premises for your corporate event.