Save time in 2017 with our free venue finding service


As the new year is creeping in, it’s time to start looking at organising conferences, meetings and events for 2017- something our free venue finding service can help with.

If you want the best venue that will meet all of your needs, such as additional hotel rooms and overnight stays, on the date that suits your calendar as well as your attendees, it’s crucial to get the venue finding process started early.
Whether you are looking for a venue for 2 or 500 attendees, our no hassle, free venue finding service is here to help you. Remember, our service is designed to take the strain away from your busy schedule, as we know it can be a time consuming task.

From start to finish, the venue finding service is entirely cost free and with no obligation, leaving you to just pay the usual rate for the venue booking. In many cases, booking through our venue finding service will be cheaper than booking direct with a venue, as we at Absolute Venues have an established relationship with each venue we work with.

You still have the final say over where your event takes place, so it’s not a case of handing over the control of the decision making in any way.

We aim to produce a shortlist of venues that all offer a close match for your needs, giving you a good choice when making your final decision. So, all you have to do is tell us all of your required criteria, and we will recommend a shortlist of suitable venues, which you can whittle down however you like.

Ultimately you will save time by knowing that you only need to visit a few places in person to find the venue you need – freeing up valuable time for planning your event in other ways, or to run your business in 2017, stress free.

Whatever you are planning we would like to be part of it! Take a look at our Express Finder Service today and we’ll get back to you right away.