A no-catch, no-obligation free venue finding service


We know a free venue finding service can sound too good to be true, so it’s worth looking at some of the details of what we can offer – and why our conference venue finding service genuinely comes with no catch and no obligation.

First of all, things make a lot more sense if you recognise that we do not make our profit from the people booking the venues.

That might sound unusual, or even impossible, but the fee we take for our service actually comes from the venues, rather than from the people placing the bookings.

After all, our conference venue finding service is bringing business to the venues – so it’s only fair that they pay a finder’s fee for us bringing them customers they would otherwise not have had.

Your next question is probably, what’s to stop the venue from raising their booking fee to cover the cost?

The answer to this, quite simply, is that they don’t do it – the price you pay when booking through our free venue finding service is the same as you would pay if you approached the venue direct.

We are able to negotiate better rates because we place larger volumes of work with the venues, and they pay us their fee in recognition of this, but as the person placing the booking, you never pay any extra for the service.

In addition to this, there is no obligation to book any of the venues we suggest, and you will not be charged if you use our service but decide not to go ahead with holding your conference or event anywhere we suggest.

The only thing we ask for is that if you use our conference venue finding service and decide to go ahead with a booking at a location we have found for you, you make sure to place the booking through us, rather than cutting us out of your arrangement with the venue.

Remember, you will not pay extra for booking through us, and thanks to our buying power, it’s quite possible that you might pay less or receive extra perks and access to facilities that would otherwise cost extra.