Make a date with our free location finding service


Absolute Venues’ free venue finding service is the matching service your business has been looking for, helping to find the perfect pairing between conference venues and those in need of a location for an upcoming event.

In recent weeks we have urged you to make a start on finding a conference venue for any upcoming events through late 2017 and into 2018 too, as a major event takes a lot of planning, and securing your choice of venue is the best first place to start.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon we are around six weeks into the year, and hopefully that has given more of you time to get the New Year admin out of the way and turn your thoughts to your next corporate conference, if you have not been able to start planning it as yet.

Our free venue finding service works a lot like a dating site, in the sense that you fill out a detailed profile of what you are looking for in a conference venue, and we are then able to suggest a shortlist of suitable matches that meet your needs.

You can even go ‘speed dating’ by choosing any venues you are especially interested in to go and see in person, giving you the chance to meet with the staff and management as well, and make sure the location is a good fit for the type of event and atmosphere you want to create.

Ultimately, the final decision is entirely in your hands, and if you choose a venue from our suggested shortlist, you can often benefit from preferential rates when you book through Absolute Venues, thanks to our longstanding relationships with the venues and their management.

And remember our conference venue finding service is genuinely free – the venues pay us a finder’s fee that will not be added on to the amount you pay – making it a win-win scenario each time we find you a perfect match.