Our free venue finding service can give your Summer Ball a home


We offer a free venue finding service throughout the year, and as the calendar pages change, so do the things you need from your venue – which is one of the reasons why you might want to return to us to find a new place for your next party, rather than going back to somewhere you’ve been before.

It doesn’t mean the previous place wasn’t up to standard, but whereas a lavish banqueting hall might be just the thing for a Christmas feast, you might prefer to have a Summer Ball outdoors or at least in a location where guests can easily wander outside to cool off or enjoy the sunshine.

This is one of the many characteristics that we can take into account in our free venue finding service, but of course you might want a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t play ball on your big day.

An excellent venue for a Summer Ball will combine all of the different demands into one self-contained space, so you can enjoy your event without the worry of guests getting lost, or of gatecrashers wandering into your party either.

For example, outside space could be a terrace or a separate side garden not accessible from elsewhere on the premises – unless you are booking the entire venue, in which case other customers won’t be a concern.

You might want to have some indoor space too, so that if the heavens open, you can quickly relocate your event inside and out of the rain; it’s always a challenge to decide just how much space you need for this, as you probably won’t have an entire banqueting hall set up ‘just in case’.

Whatever you need from your Summer Ball venue, our free venue finding service can help you to locate the very best spaces in your area, as well as scheduling visits for you to decide which one you like the best.