How far in advance can I use a conference venue finding service?


In recent articles we’ve talked about making use of our free venue finding service to plan events for summer 2017 and beyond towards the end of the coming year – and many clients who are in the process of planning a major event for the first time are taken by surprise at how far ahead they need to plan.

The short answer is that it’s better to plan early than to plan late, and our conference venue finding service is an excellent first port of call when searching for suitable premises for an upcoming event, even if you are not certain of all the details as yet.

You will need to have a clear idea of the date or dates on which your event is going to take place, if you want to put a firm booking or reservation in place on your venue of choice, but apart from that even a rough idea of what you need can be enough to start narrowing down the shortlist.

In some cases, you might want to view a few suggested venues, choose your favourite and only then put the fine details on your event planning, so that it makes the best use of breakout rooms and different sized meeting halls, as well as any facilities and conveniences on site.

With our free venue finding service you can start whenever you want, as there’s nothing to pay so no budget required – and even when you make a reservation, our fee is paid by the venue and the rate you pay to them will not be inflated by any ‘stealth fees’ to account for this.

Already the best venues are getting fully booked for the whole of 2017 and even beyond, so if you are interested in holding an event, the sooner you apply to our free conference venue finding service, the better.