What to ask our conference venue finding experts


We’re rightfully proud of the expertise of our conference venue finders, and any questions and enquiries are always welcome.

However, we appreciate that if you need help finding a venue, then you might not be completely certain about exactly what you are looking for.

As such, here are just a few ideas of areas where our conference venue finding experts might be able to help you to decide exactly what you want and need.

1. Size

One aspect of your venue that you probably already have an idea about is size – think about who you expect to attend your conference, and how many delegates will be coming from each company.

Remember the venue also needs to allow room for a stage area and so on, plus it’s a good idea to have some communal spaces where delegates can network with one another, in a less formal setting than your audience seating.

2. Equipment

Do you need any audiovisual equipment for your presentations? Our conference venue finding experts can help you to book a venue where everything is already in place and in good working order.

This reduces the burden of trying to get everything set up on the morning of your conference, as well as the risk of finding a crucial piece of equipment has stopped working in transit.

3. See for Yourself

One question we are asked a lot is simply, “Can I see the venue?” and the answer to this is of course, yes you can.

When we have decided on a suitable venue for your needs, we will always put you in touch with the management there to arrange a site visit.

If you are satisfied that it is right for your needs, then we can help you to put the necessary contracts in place to book it, and to agree on any other issues you might want to iron out ahead of the day of your event.