Add an overnight stay to your free venue finding service


Our free venue finding service is a great way to find the premises you need for an event whether it lasts one day or several – but if you have delegates travelling from far and wide to attend, it’s worth considering whether you need to provide some on-site accommodation, even if only for your own employees or a select group of VIPs.

Providing some overnight accommodation is an excellent idea if you have guest speakers and want to make sure they are on-site with no delays, if you want to treat your own representatives or even if you have chosen a venue that is off the beaten track for a weekend’s retreat for those who attend.

Whatever the reason, you don’t have to face booking hotel rooms separately, or run the risk of accommodation being booked up by guests who are nothing to do with your event – instead, just make sure to let us know how many rooms you need, and we’ll factor it into our free venue finding service.

Hotel bookings are part of the totally free service we provide, from rooms for individuals, to complete block bookings for large numbers of conference delegates and staff.

Not only is it free of charge to you, but you are actually likely to get a much better deal by booking through us, as we have ongoing partnerships and collaborations with many major hotel brands, giving us access to preferential booking rates.

We can book accommodation in locations all over the world, if you are planning to hold your event or conference outside of the UK, helping you to overcome any language barriers you might otherwise encounter.

As always, we take your preferences into account – even allowing for individual guests with special circumstances that must be factored into the booking – and will of course provide you with full details of your booking and clear location guides to your venue, so you have no problems finding it.