5 Corporate Event Trends To Consider In 2020


The events industry is more dynamic than it has ever been. Continuous changes in the technological, social, economic, political and environmental landscapes are all affecting the events industry. With the Brexit deadline looming, there’s a level of uncertainty that hangs in the air.

Nevertheless, the events industry remains strong. Globally, the sector is worth $840 billion and is expected to experience a further 8% growth in the next year. Corporate events remain an effective way of cutting through the noise of social media and digital marketing and satisfying peoples’ craving for real-life, face-to-face connection.

As 2020 fast approaches, the events industry is expected to go through more changes. As an events organiser or host, it’s important that you keep your finger on the pulse and stay on the cutting edge of this evolution in order to be successful.

Here are five corporate events trends to watch out for in 2020.

Helping The Environment Will Help Your Event

Sustainability is no longer an option for event planners; it’s imperative. Over the last few years, the climate crisis has become a prevalent concern in society as a whole (just look at the Extinction Rebellion movement or the awareness raised by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg) and has bled over into the events industry. Not making an effort to be sustainable is a big turn-off for attendees these days.

As the organiser, you’re in control of how much impact your event makes on the environment. There are many steps you can take to reduce your event’s carbon footprint, including:


  • Ban the use of single-use plastics, like plastic cups, plates and straws.
  • Reduce your reliance on CO2-heavy transportation.
  • Find a venue that uses renewable energy sources.
  • Use recycled materials for your event design and promotion.
  • Offer more plant-based food options.
  • Reduce food wastage by donating leftovers to food charities or compost initiatives.
  • Educate your guests on environmental sustainability.
  • Contribute something good to the environment and your local community.

Advanced Technology

Rapid innovations in technology open up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to corporate events. Over the last few years, technology has transformed the events industry and, unsurprisingly, this trend is set to continue in 2020.

One of the big changes we could see in the year ahead is the wider introduction of 5G. Compared to the current standard of 4G, 5G offers far greater speeds (up to 1,000 times faster) as well as reduced latency, higher operating frequencies and more devices supported. By 2025, 5G is expected to cover more than 40% of the global population and reach 1.5 billion subscriptions. What this means for event organisers is that you no longer have to rely on the venue’s Wi-Fi (which may not always be reliable) while offering much faster Internet speeds.

Advancements in other, more established areas of technology like virtual reality, artificial intelligence and apps are also expected to make an impact in the events industry in 2020. Bespoke apps, live polling and allowing guests to livestream your event from the comfort of your own home are just some of the ways you can elevate your event in the year ahead. Such technology offers greater interaction and engagement, deeper personalisation, and those all-important factors — uniqueness and originality — that more companies are looking for these days when it comes to events.

Pay More Mind To Mindfulness

As mental health has become a bigger part of the social conversation over the last few years, the corporate world has also started to take notice. The wellness movement is expected to continue to trickle over into corporate events in 2020.

No longer is it enough to deliver engaging content at events, but it’s important for employers and events planners to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees and guests. Things like breakout activities, mental health discussions and mindful minutes during meetings are just some of the ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your events.

Mindfulness offers a more nurturing and holistic approach to corporate events and will yield greater results in engagement, performance and satisfaction.

Midsize Cities On The Rise

In 2020, smaller, “secondary” cities are expected to become more popular destinations for event planners.

In the UK, London continues to be a top location for events. In fact, it was the top-ranked city for events in 2019 and is expected to hold onto that title in the year ahead. However, smaller cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds are on the rise. Manchester, in particular, is a key place to watch with plans to build a second arena boasting a capacity of 20,000 in place.

The same applies in the North American market, with mid-size cities like Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis offering greater value for money and a range of new hotels and events venues. Elsewhere, the Middle East is back in vogue, boasting new hotel openings, affordability and a string of major events including the EXPO 2020 Dubai.

Deliver A Unique Venue Experience

These days, more and more companies are looking for uniqueness and originality when it comes to their events to help them stand out from the crowd, wow their audience and win over potential customers, clients or investors. A recent survey of event planners found that 53% believe that moving away from traditional venues to more unique events spaces will be the biggest location-based trend of 2020.

This unique event experience could be an art studio, a loft space, a rooftop garden, a farm, a museum, a warehouse or a ballroom, a castle or even a treehouse. As an event planner, these types of venues open up a world of possibility for you to get creative when it comes to the content and structure of your event. Just be sure to choose a location that matches the theme and goals of your event while providing enough capacity for your guests.

You may face different and unique challenges when it comes to hosting your event in unique places like these. But the extra work will be worth it in the end.

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